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Terms and Conditions

Last updated 01/12/2017.

These Terms and Conditions relate to you use of the website 50plusmatch.com.au. Within these Terms and Conditions, any reference to “us”, “we” or “our” means 50plusmatch.com.au.

ARTICLE 1 - Definitions
ARTICLE 2- Agreement
ARTICLE 3 - Services
ARTICLE 4 - Content & Behaviour of Consumers
ARTICLE 5 - Complaints about Participants; Deception
ARTICLE 6 - Protection of Personal Data
ARTICLE 7 - Liability
ARTICLE 8 - Cancellation of Consumer
ARTICLE 9 - Complaints procedure


In these conditions:
Datingsite : the entrepreneur who offers the services described in article 3.1.
Consumer : the natural person who does not act in the exercise of a profession or business and enters into an agreement for paid or unpaid membership with the Datingsite.
Participants : the other Consumers who have entered into an agreement with the Datingsite.
Website : the online platform by which the service is provided.
Membership : the agreement between a dating site and a consumer that serves to purchase the services described in Article 3, whether or not on payment of Membership fees.
Privacy Policy : the conditions of the Datingsite with regard to the processing of personal data https://www.50plusmatch.com.au/privacy/showprivacy.php


1. You, the Participant, agree to be bound by our Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, Notices, Disclaimers and Rules.

2. We retain the right to amend these Terms & Conditions at any time without notice, it is the Consumer's responsibility to regularly check for updates and amendments. If the Participant not not agree in part or in full with the conditions set out, they may cancel their membership / agreement at any time.


1. The services provided by the Datingsite consist of providing an online opportunity to get in touch with other Participants or from matching online Participants who fit together well on the basis of indicators set by the Datingsite. The Datingsite provides a detailed insight into these indicators on its website.

2. The Datingsite does not guarantee success or a relationship.

3. The Datingsite is transparent about the services it offers. Before entering into Membership, we provides clear information about rates, automatic renewal of membership, conditions and possibilities of the Website so that the Consumer can decide whether to take up the offer.

4. The Datingsite may impose additional requirements on Consumers who wish to use the service such as: age requirements (minimum and maximum), education and desired type of relationship. These requirements are clearly stated on the Website prior to entering into Membership. The additional requirements are only set to define the target group of the relevant Datingsite and to increase the chance of success, a date or a match. The additional requirements may not be in conflict with the law;
    • The Participant must provide accurate and up-to-date information about themselves and are required to update said information if changes occur;
    • Participants may only construct a profile for their personal and individual use. Profiles made for or used by third parties are strictly forbidden;
    • Participants personal information may be used in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
    • On 50plusmatch.com.au the following additional requirements are set:
     - Minimum age 50 years;
     - Must be single and looking for a serious relationship;

5. Contacting other Participants may be subject to conditions, for example: Membership Payment. The Datingsite informs the Consumer before entering into Membership about the conditions under which Participants can contact each other and the notifications they will receive.

6. Membership to the Datingsite is free but some features may only be accessible through paid Membership. If the service is provided on payment of a Membership Fee, this is based on a fixed amount for a certain period or on an amount per transaction or a combination of these.
    • The Datingsite provides clear information on its Website before entering into the Membership;
    • Prices are subject to change at any time;
    • We do not accept cash payments. Details of payment types accepted can be found on the Datingsite;
    • Unless otherwise stated, all prices include GST;
    • The Datingsite reserves the right to suspend or cancel payment at any time if any suspicious activity is detected;
    • Participants with paid membership are not entitled to a refund at any time, any refund given is at the sole discretion of the Datingsite;

7. The Datingsite can not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information provided by the Participants. Participants are responsible for the information that they make available through the Website.

8. The Datingsite is not responsible for the participant's behavior during, for example, a personal appointment in connection with an acquaintance via the Website.


1. The Datingsite makes every effort to provide the services to Consumers without malfunctions.

2. The Datingsite can not guarantee continuous availability of the services;

3. If maintenance is performed on the Website, the Datingsite will announce this as much as possible in advance and limit the inconvenience as much as possible but is under no obligation to do so.

4. The Datingsite may discontinue any part of the service without notice including features, messages or profiles.


1. The Consumer is not permitted to act indecently or in violation of the law or encourage others to do so. For example, Consumers are forbidden to:
    • Use threatening language, harass, abuse, defame or offend Participants or the Datingsite;
    • Post illegal texts, images and / or sound material;
    • Post texts or visual and / or sound material that infringes the (intellectual property) rights of third parties.
    • Represent any entity that is not an individual and natural person;
    • Post false or misleading information about themselves or others;
    • Post any computer viruses, code or other material intended to disrupt any system;
    • Solicit money or engagement in surveys, pyramid schemes, unsolicited spam or emails;
    • Post sexually explicit or sexual references, including innuendo;
    • Post seeking or offering erotic contact, or group sexual activities;
    • Fill in several profiles per person;
    • Impersonate another;
    • Distribute commercial information;
    • Cause damage or nuisance to other Participants or the Datingsite;
    • Make racist or offensive statements or promoted hatred of any kind;
    • Publish, reproduce or otherwise use information on a profile of another user in any way without express permission from the relevant Participant;
    • Give login details to third parties, these are strictly personal;
    • Provide personal contact information in your nickname and / or profile and / or mention your type of membership;
    • Approach members with investigations, discriminating, abusive and / or erotic texts and / or photographs.

2. If a Consumer acts in violation of the stipulated Article 5.1 or any of the rules on the Datingsite, the Datingsite may terminate the Membership of the Consumer and immediately adjust, block or delete their profile. The Datingsite informs the Consumer of the blockade or removal stating the reason via email.

3. The Consumer accepts that the Datingsite is able to monitor / check the data and conduct supplied by them in connection with possible violations of Article 5.1.

4. The Consumer is liable and responsible for any content they post and we have no responsibility or liability for content posted on the Datingsite as to its content, accuracy, reliability, and provide no endorsement for any content posted by Consumers.

5. However, the Datingsite retains the right, but not obligation to check, monitor, modify or delete any content posted on the Datingsite.


1. If the Datingsite receives a complaint about a Participant, we will investigate this complaint and, if necessary, take appropriate measures.

2. The Datingsite makes efforts to ensure that profiles of Consumers do not contain untruths, are misleading or in any other way can cause damage or nuisance to other Participants and if found, make efforts to remove, modify or block.

3. The Datingsite endeavors to point out to Consumers any possible deception by Participants on the Datingsite. The website itself indicates the risks to consumers and safe dating tips are given to prevent damage. Always remain cautious and ‘Contact Us’ if you have any concerns regarding another participant.

4. The Datingsite cannot guarantee that participants will not violate the Terms & Conditions, but we take all complaints seriously and endeavour to take appropriate measures.


1. The Privacy Policy of the Datingsite apply to the use of the Datingsite. This describes how the personal data of the Consumer is processed. The Datingsite adheres to the legal rules regarding the protection of privacy and cookie legislation.

2. If there is a reasonable suspicion of a violation of the rules in articles 5.1 and 5.2 and other Participants suffer from (possible) damage or nuisance, then the Datingsite is entitled to take note of the data exchanged between Participants via the Datingsite. The Datingsite elaborates this further in the Privacy Policy.

3. The consumer is solely responsible for the security of their login information and should not share this information with any third parties or make such information visible to anyone but themselves.

4. The Datingsite may, at any time, request information to verify your identity.


1. The Consumer uses the Datingsite at their own risk.

2. The Datingsite is only liable to Consumers for damage that is the result of a shortcoming in performance, unless this shortcoming can not be attributed to the Datingsite. We make no guarantee that the Datingsite will be available at all times without error or that the consumer will find success using our Datingsite.

3. The Consumer is liable towards the Datingsite for damage resulting from a shortcoming by the Consumer in the performance, for example as a result of violation of article 5, unless this shortcoming can not be attributed to the Consumer.

4. The Datingsite is in no way liable for any indirect losses that may occur from the use of the Datingsite.


1. A paid membership can be entered into for a specific period. At the end of this period, Membership may be tacitly renewed for an indefinite period of time. The Datingsite explicitly points out to the Consumer when entering into the Membership this possibility of tacit renewal.

2. The paid Membership renewal can be terminated before the end of any individual period.

3. Paid Membership can be terminated in writing via email, the website or a letter by post stating your nickname and relevant membership details. The Consumer receives a confirmation of their cancellation via the email address used to register with the Datingsite.

4. Regardless of whether the paid Membership has been canceled, the Datingsite will at all times deactivate the Consumer's profile at the request of the Consumer as soon as possible and, in any case, within two weeks of receiving the request from the Consumer.


1. The Datingsite will respond to a submitted complaint within 3 working days.

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